Uncertain parameters (which can be discussed) in the aerosol model

^ Parameter ^ Meaning ^ Where in code ^ | sticking coefficients | How easy is it for H2SO4 to condense on aerosol modes | condtend.F90 (and AeroTab for the look-up tables) | | size distribution/total dust emission | Tune on fraction of dust going to different modes (back to aerocom estimates??): how much is emitted in DST_A2 relative to the DST_A3 tracer | oslo_dust_intr.F90 | | om_to_oc | How much more “OM” do we get when “OC” is emitted | mo_srf_emission.F90, mo_extfrc.F90 | | below cloud scavenginv coeffs | Below cloud scavenging coefficients | aerosoldef.F90 | | size of “life-cycle species” | what is the effective size of “condensate”, “coagulate” | aerosoldef.F90 |